If you could spend two weeks with anyone in the world, who would you choose?

A Japanese company offers special services to the extremely wealthy in complete secrecy. They are able to copy any celebrity, so that their clients can enjoy a week or two with them at an exotic holiday resort, be it their crush, a hot actor or actress, a friend or a foe, the girl next door, anyone.

Robert Turner, an American multimillionaire is contacted by an enigmatic businessman who offers him their services. Turner, convinced that life doesn’t have anything new in reserve for him takes up the offer, and so begin the happiest and most dangerous two weeks of his life. Yet, in the end nothing turns out as planned.

The Lilian is a gripping new novel, based on an exciting new opportunity of copying people. Ronil Caine’s first science fiction based suspense thriller book is Available on Amazon.

If you like the work of Stephen King, Andy Weir, Michael Crichton, Greg Egan, David Brin or Robert Charles Wilson, then you will surely love Ronil Caine’s stories and style.

Genre: hard science fiction, suspense thriller

Pages: 378

Release date: end of 2018.

Read a part of chapter 3:

Olivier’s suit was impeccable, his face clean-shaven, eyes alert and bright. Turner, on the other hand, had shown up for the morning meeting somewhat bleary-eyed for lack of sleep and had not bothered to shave off his stubble, although it had always suited him well. After all, who was selling to whom?
“Well, Mr. Olivier, can you tell me more about your exciting offer?” asked Turner, smiling out of politeness.
Olivier also smiled. At last, the client was asking him the question he wanted to hear. “Mr. Turner, I know that you have everything you need, and you can get almost anything you want in the whole world. However, I am offering you something you cannot get anywhere else,” said Olivier. “Have you ever thought about spending your weekend with a celebrity?”
The faces of a few well-known women popped into Turner’s head, but he kept his attention on Olivier. In business, he has always able to distinguish danger and traps from opportunities and acceptable risks. If this man was about to con him, it would be up to him not to fall into the trap. Turner felt he had the upper hand, but he would be watchful nevertheless.
There were few things in life that could catch his attention, yet here he was, at considerable cost of money and time, and he had not even heard half the story. That he might be about to do something stupid crossed his mind, but he decided to hear the man out.
Olivier leaned closer to him confidentially and went on before Turner could utter a word. “Tell me, Mr. Turner, what is your deepest desire? Tell us who the person is you would like to spend a weekend with the most, and we’ll bring her to you.”