Mr. Franklin’s secret – A scifi short story (Free download)

Mr. Franklin's secret – free scifi short story

A twisted sci fi short story from the writer of ‘Lilian‘ sci fi thriller novel.

Mr. Franklin, the wealthy farm owner with a shady past one evening invites the manager of his super-modern farm, and tells him the secret, everybody wanted to know about him, but it’s nothing like he expected.

Secrets are always exciting, and Mr. Franklin’s got something unbelievable. Each of his employees know a different version of how Mr. Franklin got rich and how he travelled around the globe, but nobody knows which story is the truth.

„I am going to tell you the secret everybody is wondering about. I don’t have much time left, and it does not matter any longer if anyone knows it, but I couldn’t tell it to anyone in my life.” – Mr. Franklin

A mysterious scifi short story that unfolds paragraph by paragraph, therefore it will stay with you for weeks after reading. The Mr. Franklin’s Secret is one of the best short stories by Ronil Caine, and it’s still available for free download. Enjoy!

Genre: science fiction, mystery

Language: English

Word count: 4700

Pages: 20

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Free short stories online are the best way to test an author’s story telling skills, thus Mr. Franklin’s Secret is available in all major ebook formats.



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