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Welcome to the official website of Ronil Caine scifi horror and thriller author, novelist and short story writer. Ronil Caine’s style is fresh, the method of storytelling is lively, his writings lack any unnecessary fillers, but the pace keeps you with the story until the end, where things go usually different, than you may think.

If you like gripping stories blending thriller, sci-fi, adventure, action and drama, you will love the stories of Ronil Caine. Give it a try and download the first free short story, the Mr. Franklin’s Secret for free. Click the link or the cover below.

“…he writes excellently, have good ideas, and has everything what it takes to become an acknowledged writer.” (Leslie L Lawrence, the No.1. best selling author in Hungary)

Lilian scifi book


Scifi thriller novel

Mr. Franklin’s Secret

Free to download

Coin – mystery thriller adventure novelette


Mystery thriller

Inspired by the greatest thriller authors

Inspired by the greatest thriller author icons from Stephen King to Dan Simmons, from Neil Gaiman to Dean Koontz, he writes contemporary scifi, horror and thriller. Check out the favourite books and most inspiring novels selected by Ronil Caine. Click here.

The stories of Caine are always around something you may heard about in the real life, but he gives them a spin, takes it to the next level with a classic question of ‘what if’. Caine’s characters are everyday people you see in the news, on the subway, in the documentaries. But they all get into situations what will push them to their very limits both physically and mentally.

Ronil Caine was born in Budapest, Hungary. He released his first novel ‘Lilian‘ in 2017. The novel was beloved by critics and the readers, and now it’s finally available in English along with two gripping short stories for free.

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