Thriller books

Here you will find all Ronil Caine’s scifi and thriller books. The first published, available novel is Lilian, a fast-paced, page turner, action packed thiller novel.  There are many thriller novels on secret companies and illegal services. Also a lot on cloning people. But Lilian is different from all science fiction books. Instead of cloning, in this book they copying famous people on demand. And readers say the action scenes are very movie-like, which makes the reading experience awesome. Click on the cover to learn more.

Lilian thriller novel by Ronil Caine


A secret company copying people on demand

All of Ronil Caine’s novels are based on some existing or theoretical scientific achievement, mixed up with action and suspence. He always finds the way to tell a well known story in a completely different way, or give it a twist what suprises the reader. You will see, it’s a tough nut to crack to find out what will happen two-three pages later.

Most readers first mention Caine’s cinematic writing style as the most positive feature of his books. Caine composes action scenes and builds up tension like you are watching a movie. Everything is visible, imaginable for the reader, but never overwritten.

More thriller books to come

Ronil Caine published three books, but for now only Lilian has English translation. Ronil Caine is still writing, and new novels will come to sunlight soon. His second novel is a horror thriller novel, where a detective tries to track down a serial killer, who leaves no trace at all, and seems to be supernatural.

The new novels are on their way to get available in English language, but it takes time, keep following. While you wait, read one of his short stories, Coin for example.

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